United States Patent Trade Office (USPTO) IDIQ Contract

Contract Specifications:
Contract Number: DOC50PAPT1500058
Contract Ceiling: $20 Million
Minimum Order: $500
Contract Length: June 2015—June 2018
Cage Code: 3BGB4

The USPTO IDIQ contract for general purpose IT equipment and software can be utilized to procure a wide array if IT products and services.

  • Any Hardware or Software solution can be purchased under this contract regardless of manufacturer
  • Services are limited to training, installation or like services relating to a product purchased under this contract

Ordering Procedure:

Future IT requirements will generally be competed amongst all offerors issued an ID/IQ contract using the ordering procedures set forth herein and at FAR subpart 16.505 – Ordering, which may include requests for price and/or technical quotations leading to the award of delivery orders and/or task orders. As each requirement will be competed among the ID/IQ vendors when the requirement occurs, there will not be any priced items listed in the contract. The USPTO reserves the right to set-aside individual requirements within the program for selected socio-economic concerns (e.g., HUBZone, EDWOSB, WOSB, 8a, SDVOSB etc.), to accomplish specific socio-economic goals. IT purchases under any resulting contract may require compliance with Section 508 standards, as applicable.

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