Cloud Services: Optimal Scalability

Strategic Communications provides a full portfolio of cloud services customized to fit into any IT operations strategy. Our certified cloud engineers manage your cloud environment and applications to ensure optimal scalability.

Our comprehensive services free you up from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks.

Cloud Architecture and Design

Strategic Communications’ team of cloud engineers specialize in designing an integrated architecture for your organizational needs. We take a consultative approach when designing your cloud environment, aligning your organizational objectives with our expertise. Strategic develops comprehensive strategies around solutions touching web hosting, migrations, DevOps, computing, IoT, big data, security and compliance.

Cloud Migration

Strategic Communications makes your migration from on-premise to the cloud as seamless as possible. Our cloud engineering team holds certifications from AWS and Microsoft. Strategic follows industry best practices to develop a roadmap automating the migration process. Our expertise save you potentially thousands of dollars in costly manual migrations.

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Hosted Applications

Strategic Communications partners with AWS and Microsoft Azure to deliver reliable, and cost-effective computing platforms for your hosted applications. Our certified cloud engineering team utilize tools such as AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS RDS, and Azure Business SaaS Apps in designing hosted applications infrastructure and management platforms.

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Strategic Communications offers State, Local and Education (SLED) agencies an avenue for streamlined cloud procurement and digital transformation through NASPO ValuePoint! Through Strategic’s NASPO ValuePoint Cloud Catalog, SLED agencies have the capability to order and deploy a multitude of cloud solutions in supporting their IT infrastructure, platforms, and applications.

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    Cloud Security and Compliance

    Strategic Communications architects cloud environments to meet specific security and compliance standards mandated per industry (PCI, HIPPA, CJIS, FISMA, FedRamp, etc). Our certified cloud engineers maintain your environment to ensure it is always compliant and updated.

    Monitoring and Management

    Our team of certified cloud engineers monitor and manage your environment as an extension of your own IT department. Strategic holds years of experience in utilizing monitoring tools in AWS, Azure, Barracuda, SonicWall, F5 in effectively managing any cloud environment.

    Secure SD-WAN

    The mass adoption of multiple cloud environments challenges traditional Wide Area Networks (WAN) capabilities. The explosion of internet traffic, compliance issues and greater access to corporate resources/applications require a more secure, flexible and scalable WAN. Strategic partners with Cisco, Fortinet, and VMware in delivering a full suite of SD-WAN platforms for your business!

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    Cloud Strategy and Consulting

    We take a consultative approach designing your cloud environment through aligning your organizational objectives with our services and tools. Our cloud architects develop comprehensive strategies around web hosting, migrations, DevOps, computing, IoT, big data, security and compliance.