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Strategic’s New Partnerships: May 2021

Strategic Communications continues to expand technology offerings through our newly developed partnerships with industry leaders! These new partnerships enable us to satisfy a multitude of customer IT, AV and Cloud related needs.
SynchroNet: Amazon Workspaces and AppStream 2.0

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, SynchroNet provides an impressive array of professional services related to Amazon AppStream 2.0 and Amazon Workspaces. SynchroNet’s Click™ solutions provides customers with easy Amazon Workspaces provisioning and automates user/workspace/application life cycles. Built on AWS Lambda, CLICK™ facilitates deploying and managing Amazon WorkSpaces at scale by automating each manual touchpoint: provisioning, termination, changes, resource allocation, user self-service, and application allocation.

EnterpriseDB: Robust Database Solutions for Enterprise and Government

For software developers needing robust database features for their applications, EnterpriseDB offers a tremendous array of products! As a great alternative to OracleDB, EnterpriseDB offers a great PostgreSQL Graphical User Interface (GUI), high availability, automated backup & recovery, migration portal & toolkit, and advanced logical replication. In addition, users will have access to their PostgreSQL open source community ecosystem, 24×7 technical support, Remote DBA Service and Cloud DBA Service for the native cloud version of PostgreSQL.

SYSUSA: ServiceNow IT Management, Automation & Compliance Governance

As a Technology Partner for ServiceNow, SYSUSA offers public sector and enterprise organizations with a robust IT management, governance and security operations solutions all in one platform! Through ServiceNow, SYSUSA provides high certified multi-instance cloud infrastructure designed to ensure high availability, automate workflows, monitor and manage cloud resources for compliance / risk management and more.

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Strategic Communications continues to add new and exciting technology services and solutions to our portfolio! If you have an inquiry or would like to know more about our offerings please contact us by going to and give us a shout!

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