Room scheduling optimizes collaboration

Businesses count on streamlined collaboration and communication to spur innovation, improve processes and increase efficiencies.  Having the latest in video conferencing and collaboration technology is only as effective as what processes manage them.  The larger the business, the more of a need to manage meeting rooms, conference rooms and huddle spaces arise.

IT departments can utilize room scheduling technologies with room management features to enable end-users to gain visibility into each room.  For instance, end users can then to determine which staff members are meeting and when the room is booked.  In addition, it can use these tools to integrate into the actual audiovisual equipment.  Also, IT can remotely turn the equipment off and on, and can run remote diagnostics on the equipment.

Larger businesses are moving away from basic room scheduling tools and adopting more robust enterprise meeting room management and reporting systems.  Below are a few examples of those technologies.

Crestron mercury room scheduling

Crestron Mercury room scheduling

Crestron Mercury Room Scheduling

When it comes to an all-encompassing collaboration room scheduling and management platform, Crestron Mercury is it.  Mercury integrates with any soft phone, video conferencing and Unified Communication service.  Platforms like Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Skype For Business, GoToMeeting, Zoom Rooms and Slack work with Mercury through a laptop.  In addition, Mercury leverages standard network security policies to provide secure and easy enterprise provisioning.  A built-in sensor supports energy saving automation as well as collection of room analytics.  It connects directly with Crestron Fusion and Microsoft Exchange to provide real-time scheduling either directly through panels or by utilizing Office 365 and Google Calendar.


Extron Room Agent

Extron Room Agent room scheduling

Extron Room Agent Room Scheduling

Extron’s Room Agent software works with their TouchLink Pro panels to give users easy management of their room scheduling.  Room Agent provides an easy integration into Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016, as well as Office 365 for convenient scheduling through Outlook.  Users can make on-demand room reservations using the touchpanel, computer or any smartphone or tablet.  Extron’s RoomAware technology integrates with audiovisual equipment and acknowledges when a meeting is scheduled.  Extron Room Agent can support all panel firmware updates for TouchLink Pro.



AMX RMS room scheduling

AMX RMS Enterprise Room Scheduler

RMS Enterprise is scalable client/server based software for IT and AV managers that provides remote management capabilities for AV assets and building systems. The software features a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to centralize the management and monitoring of AV equipment, lights, HVAC and other building functions.  With the new RMS Enterprise Update Manager, IT and AV Managers now have the ability to stage new AMX firmware.  They can quickly identify AMX devices that are not up to the latest firmware revision and mass deploy the new firmware to these devices simultaneously with just a few clicks of the mouse. RMS interfaces with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Lotus Notes and Google Calendar enabling users to search for and reserve rooms on any smart device.


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