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Optimize the Impact of Your Video Wall

Video wall displays are growing in popularity among organizations in  all vertical markets.  Businesses and government agencies alike lean on visual presentations and displays to achieve their objectives.  Organizations realize we as humans take in more information about our environment with our eyes than we do with taste, touch, smell and hearing combined.  Therefore, we often tend to observe, learn, and make decisions based on what we see.

Video wall displays create an immersive, large screen experience that draws the attention of the human eye.  The content and messaging builds a lasting impression of your brand, educates your audience about your product/service and provides a platform for analytical decision making.  Content can be easily monitored, managed, and modified in a matter of minutes fitting your organization’s goals.  Getting the most from your displayed content requires careful planning, design and implementation.  Here are a few tips to consider when looking at a video wall project for your organization.

Video Wall Display

The location of your video wall is crucial for your desired result.

Location of Your Video Wall

The physical location of your video wall is an important planning element that requires careful consideration.  Here are several important questions you will need to answer before you decide on purchasing your video display.

  1. How big will the display be?
  2. How much square footage will the display need?
  3. How much ambient light is present in the room?
  4. What are the cooling requirements?
  5. Will the display be recessed in the wall or mounted on the wall?
  6. What content will I be displaying?

Remember the Goal of Your Video Wall:  Monitor, Manage and Modify

It is important to understand the overall purpose of a video wall and the message your organization is attempting to convey..  You want to make sure the money you spend will have an impactful Return on Investment (ROI).  Displays integrated with Analytics, Sensor and Beaconing platforms properly measure how your target audience is interacting with the content and messaging.  On the content transmission, receiving and switching side, Crestron’s Digital Media solutions provide a robust platform for content management.  With the right strategy in place, your display will become an integral part of your business plan.

Video Wall content

Content strategy should be considered first for your video wall display.

Develop a Content Strategy for Your Video Wall

The hardware and software used to create your video wall is dependent on the type of content strategy you set in place.  Content with high resolution still images, HD or 4K quality video, live streaming and social media feeds will require different hardware and software elements to display optimally.  In addition, interactive elements within the content require specialized technology such as touchscreen.  In short, plan out your content first based on the goals you set, and then plan the location and look of your display.


Information on Video Wall Displays

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