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Are You Due for a Meeting Space Upgrade?

Your business meeting space should hold a special place in your office. It’s where C-level management defines the business’ future, where big ideas are born, and where execution develops. Creating a collaborative and productive environment in these areas is essential. Do not settle for email chains or disengaging meetings.

Instead, create an interactive working environment where everyone engages and contributes to the discussion. The question is: is your audiovisual conference room technology prepared to do this? In this blog, we’re going to cover three common problems that companies experience and showcase the technology solutions that help you get more out of your meeting space.


The Screen in Your Meeting Space is Too Hard to Read

When you’re brainstorming or doing a quarterly report, it’s important that everyone in the room is able to see your presentation clearly. The natural response is to go for a bigger screen – but this could be counterintuitive. Too large of a screen causes a distraction when not in use and could even be uncomfortable for those at the front of the room.

Instead, there are a few other ways to give your images an upgrade. Ensure you have the highest resolution possible. We recommend upgrading to 4K Ultra HD displays, so even smaller screens are legible throughout the space. You may also need to enhance your wiring, video distribution and networking foundation. This will help you get clearer, more reliable signals to your screen no matter the size.


No One Knows How to Start a Presentation

You’ve upgraded to a high-end conference room solution with a variety of applications from screen sharing to video conferencing. What if no one really knows how to get it all to work? That conference room tablet might as well be in another language. Why have technology that only the IT manager can figure out?

Invest in a meeting room automation system that puts control into one easy-to-use touchpad with clearly labeled options. You can even create pre-set scenes like “Video Conference” or “Presentation” that get the necessary technology to pull up.  If you work with a professional AV installer, they normally offer a thorough training session with the team, so they know how to use it from the start.

You should also make it easy for employees and guests to share content. Make sure there are enough ports and offer wireless presentation options. This results in no time wasted fighting for the one USB cable in the room. In addition, your meeting space recognizes your wireless device when you walk in, resulting in seamlessly shared content.


You Can’t Hear What’s Happening in Your Meeting Space

The one overwhelming complaint we get when it comes to conference rooms is audio. Audio sounds too low, or feedback becomes too distracting.  Lousy acoustics often make multiple meeting participants sound like a packed stadium. There are a variety of options to ease this common pain point.

If you’re having issues with people not being heard during a conference call or getting bad feedback, we recommend upgrading your microphone setup. Use USB mics, desk mics or even in-ceiling microphone arrays from manufacturers, like Shure, that help you get better coverage of the entire room.

To avoid a lot of echoes, feedback and outside noise ruining your meeting, we recommend taking acoustic measures—like absorbent panels—to create more balanced sound. You should also make sure you have enough speakers in the room rather than relying on one or two at an uncomfortable volume.


To learn more about what you can do to upgrade your corporate meeting space, contact one of our solutions specialists by visiting www.yourstrategic.com/contact-us!

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