How VoIP, Video Conferencing and Unified Communications Can Impact Your Business

It amazes me to think about how things were just 10 years ago and where things are now. Technology has completely changed the way we live and the way we do business. Ten years ago if you were out of the office and needed to meet with your boss or team member to get a project completed, you would have to email them what you had done and go over what needed to be done over the phone. Sometimes it took more than one meeting to accomplish what you needed them to do or what they need you to do.

I look around my office and take note of the tools I have to achieve my daily work goals. I have a Cisco IP Phone that allows me to receive or decline calls through my Dell laptop or through my smartphone. When I receive a voicemail, it is automatically sent to my email, where I can open up the file and listen to it at anywhere, anytime. If I need to show a presentation to people who are physically present and those who are traveling, I can use one of our Video Teleconferencing (VTC) rooms that are outfitted with Polycom conferencing phone systems, Polycom video conferencing systems and Crestron control systems. Cisco’s WebEx and Jabber platforms would also be utilized, enhancing collaboration amongst our team. These impressive tools make it easier and more efficient to do business in a world where it’s becoming harder to meet at a single location.

The need for organizations to be mobile has never been higher. Smartphones and Tablets give us many tools that inform, educate and keep us in-touch with the outside world. Polycom has developed a solution that would allow anyone with access to a web browser and a web cam to video conference anywhere, anytime called RealPresence CloudAXIS. This solution would allow you to securely set up video conferencing via email, IM or calendar invites. It would also allow you to import social contacts from GoogleTalk™ and Facebook® presence- aware applications into a global directory and have them join a secure Polycom powered video collaboration experience. Cisco’s Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) couples WebEx Personal Rooms and the cloud-based WebEx Video Bridge into one, always-available meeting experience. CMR Cloud is accessible from any standards-based video device. It provides simple, highly secure collaboration from the scalable Cisco WebEx Cloud. Other companies such as IBM, Dell and Smart have developed solutions that tie into cloud mobility.

The speed of life continues to get faster and more complex for all of us. Businesses must utilize the tools that will help them keep up with their clients and partners. For more information on the latest VoIP, Video Conferencing and Unified Communications trends email me at

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