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Reasons to partner with a certified Crestron and Extron Programmer

Planning out a new audiovisual (AV) project is an exciting time for businesses.  Whether installing a custom AV build for conference rooms or video walls for command centers, a reputable Crestron or Extron programming company is crucial in maximizing the user experience.  Many certified Crestron and Extron programmers extend throughout the United States, and many of them provide solid service. However, numerous other factors exist in choosing a programmer for an AV project.

In choosing a Crestron or Extron programmer, it’s important to think long-term.   For instance, hire a programmer possessing the capability to support your system in the years to come.  Hiring an uncertified freelance programmer on the cheap sounds tempting to many organizations. They may save a little money by doing so, however certain factors could change down the road proving catastrophic for an AV project.  For example, the uncertified programmer could prove difficult to contact for critical issues, or they may not possess the training to resolve said problems.

Hiring a company specializing in Crestron or Extron programming support mitigates unforeseen risks to an AV project. The company more than likely will have multiple certified programmers on staff ensuring deliverables and deadlines are effectively managed.  In addition, partnering with an integrator possessing a long history of administering reliable service increases the likelihood of timely modifications or upgrades to your system.

Businesses continue to expand at the ever-increasing speed of technology.  In future-proofing an audiovisual system, it is essential to align with a reliable and experienced programmer to ensure a seamless transition.


Crestron and Extron Programming for an existing system

Not all Crestron and Extron programmers work on existing systems.  They may not possess the experience or training to re-program a system to meet the client’s needs.  A reliable AV integrator provides Crestron and Extron programming support even for systems they didn’t originally design.

Look for AV integrators with certified/authorized programmers and design engineers on staff.  Also, research their work and how their clients utilize the design.  Meet with the integrator to discuss the platform currently installed in your facility.  What it does do?  What doesn’t it do?  How would the organization utilize it?  In conclusion, finding an AV company to provide in-depth consulting prior to deployment and reliable support after is worth its weight in gold!


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