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What are Azure Migration Services?

Azure Migration Services is Microsoft’s collection of cloud migration solutions to assist your organization in its transition to the cloud. These services are incredibly helpful in simplifying the migration process and ensuring a successful transition to the cloud. In this post, we go over some of Azure’s migration tools and their value in your cloud migration journey.

Azure Migrate

Azure Migration Services primary tool is Azure Migrate, a powerful tool assessing the way current infrastructures will perform in the cloud. In addition, the tool provides visibility in the cost of migration, and the long-term cost savings realized. The solution offers agent-based and agentless options to help you transfer virtual machines to the cloud. In short, this allows you to easily host servers, databases, web applications, virtual desktops, and data.

Azure Migration Services: Database

Azure provides robust tools for database migration through the combination of Azure Database Migration Service (DMS) and Azure Database Migration Assistant (DMA). DMA analyzes your current database and identifies potential structural issues complicating cloud migration or may not be compatible with newer versions of SQL Server/Azure SQL Database. These issues may be full-on compatibility blockers or partially supported features. In addition, DMA provides you with mitigation steps and recommendations, ensuring a seamless cloud migration.

DMA’s recommendations also analyze and provide advice on the functionality and reliability of your target environment. To summarize, DMA offers an opportunity to upgrade the infrastructure and functionality of your database.

Once you remediate all of the issues found by the DMA, Azure DMS begins transferring your database to the cloud. In short, this process leads to minimal downtime during the migration. DMS automatically performs all of the essential migration steps, in accordance with Microsoft’s migration best practices.

Azure Migration Services has numerous solutions and resources to help with your cloud migration. If you are interested in learning more about switching to Azure, use this link to contact a member of the Strategic Communications Team.

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