Meet Strategic’s Pet of the Month – Phoenix Rose!

Phoenix Rose was born on July 25th 2020 and is 8 months old. Phoenix is a Goberian breed, which is a mix between a Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever. When she isn’t playing with her stuffed animals or playing fetch with her ball, you can find Phoenix enjoying a long stroll around the neighborhood with mom and dad!

Phoenix is a very friendly pup who enjoys the company of people and dogs alike. She has made many friends in the Strategic office and loves greeting everyone who walks by! Phoenix loves doing tricks for dog treats and can sit, lay down, spin, stay and give her paw on command. Her favorite treat is her Ice Cream Pup Cups (made for dogs). Sometimes she breaks out of her dad’s office from time to time!

The most noticeable feature Phoenix possesses is her “Baby Yoda” like ears. Maybe one day she’ll grow into them, but we hope she doesn’t!

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