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5 Crestron AV Technologies To Know About

The audiovisual landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace.  Organizations realize the critical importance of collaboration and visual impact.  Crestron control systems for AV deployments play a critical part in automation and content management.  To elaborate, Crestron’s solutions cover the entire spectrum of audio video such as amps, soundbars, scheduling, switching, etc.

New technologies offered through Crestron take AV control and room automation to another level.  Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest solutions from Crestron.


 Crestron Mercury

Combining unified communications (UC) and audio video control capabilities, the Crestron Mercury proves to be a powerful collaboration platform.  Mercury supports Bluetooth integration for smart devices, as well as its own SIP conference phone to make calls.  Digital AirMedia is also built-in to Mercury, allowing users to share their content to those in the room without HDMI.

Mercury integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Fusion to automate room scheduling.  The built-in graphics engine allows organizers to see schedules in every room and to add or modify their own meetings.  Meetings retain scheduling through Microsoft Outlook, Crestron Scheduling Panels or from the Mercury itself.


Crestron AirMedia 2.0

Like the original AirMedia, Crestron’s AirMedia 2.0 delivers quality wireless screen presentations for meeting spaces.  Improvements on the original version entail a friendlier user interface, less bandwidth consumption and lower latency.  Another improvement is the advanced security features including Active Directory user authentication, AES-128 encryption, SSH, SSL, TLS and HTTPS.


Crestron DMPS3 SeriesCrestron DMPS3 Series

An all-in-one presentation solution, Crestron’s DMPS3 series combines 4K capability with HDCP 2.2 to deliver high performance.  The DMPS3 series integrates 4K/60 multimedia switcher, AirMedia® wireless presentation (select models), mic mixer / audio DSP/ 50W amplifier (select models) in a single rack mountable package.  In addition, High-speed Ethernet connectivity enables integration with IP- controllable devices and allows the DMPS3-4K Series to be part of a larger managed control network.



Crestron Amplifiers

Larger rooms and venues require more power to project audio efficiently.  Crestron offers both single-channel and multi-channel amplifiers with quality performance, compact design and energy saving features.  The new amps enable users to control and monitor them from their network.  Lastly, the amplifiers run very efficiently and produce minimal heat thus giving them more flexibility to be stacked without additional cooling requirements.


Crestron XiO Cloud

The Internet of Things continues to revolutionize the way audiovisual systems are designed and deployed.  Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Crestron XiO gives users the flexibility to manage and monitor thousands of devices very quickly and efficiently.  Update firmware and settings on all of your devices remotely.  In addition, centralized interactive dashboards show users how their equipment and spaces utilize resources.  Lastly, the usage reporting features enable users to identify improvements and plan for future upgrades.


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